I really was unaware that there was a Minnesota statute that regulates when you can put your political signs out in your yard and when they must be removed. Minnesota Statute 211B.045 says you have to remove all political signs within 10 days following the election.

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Personally, I find the signs all over the place an eyesore. Has anyone ever been influenced by a yard sign?

I may sometimes, be guilty of passing a little judgement when I see a certain candidate's sign in someone's yard. I might think to myself "I had no idea so and so was that stupid".

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Anyway, besides the time limit on how long you can keep your political sign up, the statute also limits how long before the election you can put them up. The statute states that can put your sign up 46 days before a state primary during a Minnesota general election year.

I have never heard of anyone actually being fined or warned for not taking down their sign. I'm sure it's probably happened but I guess it's not actually news worthy.

Now that the election is over, maybe we can all move on and pay attention to other more important things in life. I don't know about you, but this last election has pretty much worn me out.

Join me in hoping for a smooth transition and no violent reaction to the outcome. It sure would be great to return to being kind to people, especially since we still have this pandemic to deal with.

Stay healthy and happy!

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