It's been over a month since the presidential election and there are still some people that don't believe that Joe Biden won the election.  The reason for most of this is that there is a lot of misinformation and unsubstantiated claims being spread on the internet.

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YouTube has had enough and will cease to post videos that spread the misinformation and conspiracy theories. You've most likely seen these videos online claiming widespread voter fraud and rigged voting machines.  YouTube has removed over 8000 channels and thousands of "harmful and misleading election related videos" for violating existing policies.

There has been no proof of any widespread voter fraud or anything else that would have affected the outcome of this past election. Over 40 lawsuits have been thrown out of court and just this past Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to even hear a suit concerning election fraud in Pennsylvania.

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This past Tuesday was the safe harbor deadline and enough states have certified the results of the election, with the result of Joe Biden being named the president elect.

I doubt this will stop the Trump campaign's efforts to overthrow the election. Giuliani's traveling circus will most likely continue to spew unsubstantiated, and often bizarre,  claims in the future.

"We understand the need for intense scrutiny on our elections-related work," YouTube said in an announcement on its blog. "Our teams work hard to ensure we are striking a balance between allowing for a broad range of political speech and making sure our platform isn't abused to incite real-world harm or broadly spread harmful misinformation."

Time to move on, in my opinion.

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