Here's a story custom made for a Friday. A new survey in the Daily Mail says that 10% of us have gotten nude in public when we were drunk. And according to the rest of theses stats, it's too bad we love alcohol so much, because it makes us do dumb stuff.

I'd be laughing harder at these numbers if I didn't see a little of myself in here:

  • 67% of people have gone into work hung over.
  • 50% have gone into work when they were still a little drunk.
  • 50% have thrown up from drinking alcohol.
  • 33% think the best way to beat hangovers is to have sex.
  • 20% have sexted someone they shouldn't have when they were drunk.
  • 10% got naked in public when they were drunk.
  • 10% have posted something stupid on Facebook when they were drunk.
  • 10% have had to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. (Ok, that seems high right?)
  • 6% adults have wet the bed when they were drunk.

Cheers, and Happy Free Beer Friday!