As a father this literally makes me sick to my stomach to hear. 

First of all, I just don't understand how anyone (especially a parent), could ever forget about their child and leave them in a hot car.  This just goes to show you that stupid people should not be able to procreate.  Unfortunately there is no such law that prevents stupid people from making babies, so this story is way too real and apparently happens far too often.

This dumb s**t dad in Georgia was suppose to drop off his 22 month old son off at daycare on his way to work, but somehow forgot.  WTF?!  How do you forget about your kid in the back seat?  Again, I am a proud daddy who adores my little girl and would do ANYTHING to keep her from harms way, so to hear this makes me IRATE!  There is no way on Gods green earth that I could EVER forget I had her in my back seat.  What really makes this worse is that the baby boy sat in his car-seat for over seven ours in the Georgia heat.  This poor little boy literally roasted to death.