Did someone send you an email saying that you can see Metallica for $5 and you deleted it? It wasn't a hoax.

Metallica is doing a show in Vancouver, British Columbia tonight and the tickets are $5. Turns out they're doing a huge concert to finish their 3D concert film. The band says that they're doing their full concert and it's the last chance for their over the top stuff; including their massive stage and special effects.

Metallica also filmed on Friday and Saturday night at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, but tonight will be special because they're going to have to stop and start some of the songs and such because of lighting and camera angles, but it's all for a good cause. The tickets for tonight's show will only set you back $5 and all of the proceeds will benefit a local food shelf.

The concert film still doesn't have a release date or a title, but will be directed by a guy named Nimrod Antal, who directed Predators.