I am positive this will blow you away. Last night on America's Got Talent (a show I NEVER watch) a cute little 6 year-old girl came prancing out in her polka dot skirt and her pink socks, accompanied by her drummer brother. After exchanging pleasantries in what I assume is the normal AGT fashion, Howard Stern segues into the performance of the duo by saying, "I can't wait to hear your sweet music."

And boy did she give him a what-for. As the thundering bass line began and the drums picked up, our sweet innocent suddenly became Eddie the Iron Maiden mascot. In a voice reminiscent of Linda Blair's Regan in The Exorcist, young Aralayn belts out her original composition entitled Zombie Skin.

Watch this. I promise you will never forget it. In fact, I'm sure we'll see her in ten years on Intervention.