This one will set you back a little money, but it's a great group gag, so you can share the cost.

A few years back, a bunch of us at a radio station I used to work at pulled this on one of the sweetest people on the planet...Nancy. Nancy worked in the office and owned a Geo Tracker. One day, we apprehended the keys to her vehicle and proceeded to fill the Tracker to within inches of the roof with those little pellets you find in a bean bag chair. Insert gasp here. At first, she was ticked. Then she laughed. Then she chased anyone she could find with her handbag, swinging all the way, followed by more laughing. I can still see her walking around her car to this day, wondering how the hell she was going to get in without spilling thousands of those beads. She just gave up and opened the door...and out they came. She kept digging and pulling until she could sit in the driver's seat, started it up, and drove home.

Now, a good practical joke is one that people remember. A legendary practical joke rears its head down the road, and this one was no different. A couple of years later, Nancy traded in the Tracker. The service employee who cleaned it out found a ton of those things everywhere and bagged them up to give to her! When she brought those in to work to show us, we roared! What did she do? She chased us around with the bag, swinging all the way...just like old times. Which made us laugh even more.

You can find bags of those beads at any craft store here in the area. If you have some lying around the office, you might try packing peanuts. Less mess, but less of an impact. PLEASE take a picture and/or video of this prank if you pull it off and send it to us. Happy pranking! Here's to a solid effort on your part and no jail time!