Researchers rolled up their sleeves, and poked around to find out what makes up the 'average' dad. Turns out, the results were pretty, well, average. The average dad has two kids, drives a Ford, and gets home from work at 5:53. But wait, there's more.

The article, which appeared in the Daily Mail, went on to say that after the 'average' dad got home from work, he is watching TV by 7:47, and in bed by 10:15.

He became a dad when he was 28, makes about $45,000 a year, and puts 46 miles a week on that Ford driving his kids around.

Not that the kids appreciate the taxi service, as he gets into two arguments with them every week, but gets revenge by embarrassing them in public (according to the kids) five times per week.

Let's raise a cold one to good ol' 'average' dad on this Free Beer Friday. (On average, he drinks three of 'em a week.)