Not a bad idea really, however; so far only nightclubs in Asia will you find these bad boys in operation.Nightclubs in Asia have a detection devise as to how much you've had to drink and will relay off a warning to you if you're too drunk to drive.

How it works, first, as you pull up to the club you will hand your keys to a valet. The urinal system is designed to scan a personal information card, which you have to order then when you're ready to leave such nightclub the valet scans your card which is the only way you can get your keys back.

Now if the card comes back that you're too drunk to drive from being scanned by the valet, the valet will keep your keys and he/she will call you a cab.

Not a bad idea actually, keeps drunks off the road and face it, it's a lot cheaper to take a cab than get busted for a DUI.

Speaking of urinals check out this urinal of the future: