by Chris Chapman

Let me start out by saying I’m also a Vikings Fan.  It seems like I begin every football conversation with Minnesotans having to explain my football allegiances.

Yes, I grew up in Maine wearing Red Sox caps and listening to Johnny Most call Celtics games. My high school didn’t have a football team and I wasn’t a big Patriots fan as a kid, so tossing a Nerf ball was my extent of “playing football.”

When I left Maine in 2001 and the Patriots became relevant, it gave me a sense of pride and attachment to home.  Now that the Pats are back in the title game looking for their fourth championship, it’s time to break out the colors!

Only…it feels weird to sport my Patriots gear in a state that has had such monumental football heartbreak.

I watch the Vikings games every Sunday.  Root for them as I would the Pats if I were still in New England.  Hope for a new stadium so the team doesn’t pick up and leave.

And every year, I begin to feel the enormous dread that has surrounded this franchise.

But just like all Vikings fans, when the first game of the season comes around, I’m ready to cheer them on to victory and the playoffs.

Now though, as the Vikings jerseys are being put away and the Twins jerseys are making a comeback, I’m able to -- for at least this season -- scream and yell for my favorite NFL team as they look for revenge against the Giants.

Sure, there are those who enjoy needling me about being a Patriots fan and reminding me about the Tyree catch. But it’s all in good fun, of course.

So this Sunday, as most of you are watching the game because you want to see talking monkeys or what Danica Patrick will be wearing, I’ll be jumping up and down screaming at the TV wearing my Brady jersey covered in BBQ sauce.

If the Pats win, Monday will be a good day. If the &#@*$ Giants win, let’s just say Twins’ opening day won’t get here fast enough.

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