When you're rich and famous, people kiss your ass and do whatever you say and get you whatever you ask for. Here are some tour rider demands and they're pretty random and weird.

Rush, who are heading out on tour behind Clockwork Angels demanded a different kind of alcohol depending on what day it was. On Monday, they want rum, Tuesday they want Chivas Regal, on Wednesday they drink cognac, Thursday it's gin, Friday it's scotch, Saturdays they drink vodka and Sundays they drink Courvoisier. They'll be at the Target Center on Monday, September 24, so that's a rum day.

Van Halen's rider from their 1982 tour specifically demanded no brown M&M's. They came out and said that they asked for no brown M&M's just to see if anyone was paying attention. They also asked for herring and sour cream and KY Jelly. Ew.

Metallica is arguably one of the biggest rock bands on the planet and they know it. Their tour rider is very specific about what they "need". The group asks that the venue carry a $5 million dollar insurance policy, that no alcohol be served before or during the show and they also asked for 16 banquet tables anywhere between six and eight feet long. Most importantly however, they demanded that bacon be served for every meal of the day.

Ozzy was apparently watching his health on his 1999 tour. He asked for three oxygen tanks upon load in and an ear nose and throat doctor upon his arrival. The good doctor was also required to be able to administer a B-12 shot with an anti-flammatory kicker.

Cheap Trick wants a stage that's 40 feet wide and deep and five feet off the ground. The Who required coffee, an English breakfast, tea and milk. No half and half. Pearl Jam asks for four cartons of Epsom Salt.

Pretend you're a rock star. What do you ask for? I'd ask for diet coke, vitamin water zero, no brown M&M's (not because I hate them, but because I eat my colored food in rainbow order and brown has no place in the rainbow), bacon, Home Run Inn pizza, a very specific sandwich from Subway or Jimmy John's (depending on what kind of mood I was in) and a big fluffy white spa robe with cushy slippers.