It's been seven years since her last album and now it's time to turn the pages with, "Slipstream".

Bonnie is quoted as saying, "I honestly never thought this record was going to sell 200,000 copies (229,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan) in the first couple of months or that I was going to sell out shows on tour.

Bonnie's been on hiatus since the death of her brother and both parents.

The new album for the most part was produced by Bonnie and to debut at #6 on the Billboard 200 is pretty good.

The new project was initially designed as an experiment with about two to four songs directed by Joe Henry (Singer-Songwriter)but she ended up doing about eight songs all in one day. Bonnie said in an interview she had a couple of songs that Joe had penned and wanted to record and decided she was going to call him when out of the blue he calls her.

The second leg of her tour, "Slipstream" tour begins in Vancouver, August 10th. She is ready and focused and is enjoying the ride and wants to put on the best shows she possibly can. The tour is roughly a two year adventure and then a well deserved vacation.

Fans seem to be the greediest of all and always want more, I don't think we'll have to wait another seven years for a new album especially from an artist that loves what she does as much as Bonnie.

The new album, "Slipstream" has 12 tracks on it and one co-written by Joe Henry. The best to Bonnie Raitt and it's good to hear her voice once again. "Right Down the Line", one of the cuts from her new masterpiece. Enjoy!