The group's highly anticipated new album comes out today and the band is ready to rock for a reunion tour. 

My heart is swelling with renewed love today. It's like freshman year all over again.

The Cars are back in high gear much to the delight of their fans. The new album Move Like This sounds like they never left, even though this is their first studio effort in more than two decades. Cars front man Rik Ocasek said in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that he never, ever thought that the band would ever get back together.

Ocasek says the new album is made up of material that he had been working on for a while and before he headed into the studio to record, he thought "What if I called the guys? They’ll do the best job, because they already know the whole thing.” He also admitted that the usual personality conflicts and the 2000 death of bassist Benjamin Orr prevented an earlier reunion effort. You can read more of the interview here.

If Rolling Stone's rave review and my ranting about how awesome this album is haven't convinced you you need to own this album, you can listen for yourself. Click here for the Rolling Stone streaming site.

The Cars are also out on tour. They're doing a sold out show at First Avenue in Minneapolis on May 17.