Baxter’s Morning Side Show

Dear Baxter, Am I a Slut for Sleeping with Him on the First Date?
Dear Baxter,
My friends lined me up with a blind date.  We hit it off immediately and ended up in bed within an hour of meeting. We've now been together for several months and the relationship continues to blossom. I'm no slut but for some reason, that first night, things just seemed s…
Baxter’s Attic, The Doors Riders on the Storm
In the Attic this morning,The Doors.  If you listen very carefully or better yet with headphones, you can hear where Jim Morrison went into the studio and whispered over his lyrics, giving the song an even more haunting sound.
Anyone Remember This Movie ‘Play Misty for Me’
I caught this movie on TV over the weekend and I must say, being an on air personality, it's a very disturbing film. If you've been in the radio business long enough, you've encountered at least one psycho listener. They stalk you, thinking that everything you say on the air is direct…

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