Baxter’s Morning Side Show

Baxter’s Attic, Alice Cooper Be My Lover (live)
I remember (kind of) going to the Crookston Armory in the early 70s to see Alice on his first major tour. I don't know if you've ever been to Crookston but there are about 6 roads into town and maybe one road out.  Anyway, a great show, so it's Alice Cooper in the Attic this morn…
A Cheap Ornament Idea from Baxter
I spent a lot of money going to college, some of it actually on college.  Here is one of the few things I learned while at school. Origami class was pretty boring but for some reason, this is all I remembered. It was the 70s, so there's that...
Baxter’s Attic Steppenwolf Rock Me
An oldie but a goody from a band that sold 25 million records worldwide in their hay day, John Kay and Steppenwolf with "Rock Me" .  Footage from the Smother Brother's Show.
New Year, New Underwear?
According to a study, you should throw away your underwear after it's a year old. Apparently, it doesn't matter how often you launder it after a year, it can still be full of bacteria that can cause things like E coli, etc.  The last place you want these infections is down around the …

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