‘SNL’ – The Sopranos Diaries
Whether you're charmed or repulsed by the recent 'Sex and the City' prequel series, you have to admit it sets a dangerous precedent for rewriting TV history. 'Saturday Night Live' takes the idea to ridiculous (yet eerily plausible) extremes in 'The Sopranos Diaries.&apo…
Really, Store Savings Cards?
Have you noticed how every store now has some sort of reward or savings program? Soon your purse or wallet will be packed with nothing but cards and numbers and you feel like you can’t shop at a store without having the “Rewards Card”.
The Best Manti Te’o Jokes on Twitter
Ever since it was revealed yesterday that Te'o's story about his perfect girlfriend dying of cancer was a big fat sham, the only purpose anybody has to go on Twitter right now is to make jokes about it.
Funniest Monkeys on the Web
We're fans of anything involving monkeys; Maybe they wear tiny glasses or have creepy smiles. Whatever the case, these entertaining poo-tossers keep us cracking up.
The Best of the ‘Tommy Lee Jones Is Grumpy Cat’ Memes
Tommy Lee Jones was not amused by Will Ferrell's hijinks at last night's Golden Globes. And he was the only one. On the one hand, look at him -- he's ancient. Let him laugh or not laugh whenever he wants or doesn't want to. On the other hand, BWAHAHA he looks just like Grumpy Cat…
Holy Crap – This Cat Is Some Sort of Wizard! [VIDEO]
Normally I'm not one to share silly cute cat internet videos, but this one intrigued me. Watch in shock and amazement as this seemingly normal cat displays uncanny pyschic wizard-like abilities in this classic con game of Thimblerig.

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