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Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Poop?
I'm always so amazed at everyone that does these studies. And who do they ask, have you ever been asked your opinion, or if you do some activity for any of these weird surveys/studies?
What’s New At The State Fair?
The state fair is something I look forward to every year. Even though I feel like it marks the end of the summer, I'm still happy when it is fair time.
FLOATY PANTS! A Must for Minnesota Summers
Just when you think you've seen it all, think again, it's Floaty Pants.
The possibilities are endless. Sit in the water and read. Sit in the water and drink, Sit in the water and read and drink. Or just sit in the water for no real solid reason at all...
The Winter Spectacular Races
The Winter Spectacular Races
I’ve gotta be honest. I really, REALLY hate winter time in Minnesota. I was born and raised in the comfortable climates of Kentucky, and the frigid winters up here never cease to amaze me. While other people are out ice-fishing, enjoying the low temps, I’m typically insi…

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