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Today Is World Cancer Day
Today is World Cancer Day, and according to the CDC, 7.6 million people will die from cancer this year. On October 22, 2002 I was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer; it's been eleven and-a-half years now. Screening and early detection saves lives. Simple as that (so don't put it off). Her…
Who’s Had Enough? Cold Again Tonight
Really? -25˚ again tonight? Damn. Wind Chill Advisory again too. The WC will be a comfortable -40. Tune in for more closings & cancellations tomorrow on the Morning Sideshow I guess. #enoughalready
Who Do You Think Will Win The Super Bowl? [Vote]
With the NFC and AFC Wildcard round of the NFL playoffs coming up this Saturday & Sunday, I'm wondering who you think will win the Superbowl. I'm going with Carolina. Click in and register your vote. We'll have the totals tomorrow night.
Northstars, Bruins 1981 Record-Setting Brawl [Watch]
On February 26, 1981 the Minnesota Northstars and Boston Bruins set the NHL record for penalty minutes and fines in a single game (broken by the Senators/Flyers in 2004). The first fight started seven seconds into the first period, and later in the game a brawl ensued that cleared the benches and sp…
Nerf Or Itza [POLL]
I was Christmas shopping around St. Cloud on Saturday (what a madhouse), and was in Target looking at all the toy football options. More to choose from than when I was a kid. Which brought me to the age old question: Nerf or Itza. If you're a kid from the 70's or 80's (especially a gu…
The Four NFL Teams I’m Cheering For Today
I'm a hardcore Vikings fan. Born and raised. Because of that, these are the four teams I will be cheering for today: Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Washington. If these four teams win today, the Vikings will be in the #2 draft position (just a half-game out of the top spot) with two weeks left…

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