Have You Ever Met a Rock Star That Was a Total Jerk?
They say it takes all kinds. Being in this business for quite some time, I've met my share of rock stars.  For the most part they have been extremely nice.  But there are always the ones that will leave you saying wtf. Some of the nicest and down to earth musicians I've met …
Valuable RB Injury Adds in Fantasy Football
I consider running backs to be currency in fantasy football. The more valuable and productive running backs you have the more currency you have. Finding valuable running backs on the waiver wire is a weekly challenge. The list of players I present to you below are players that would become valuab…
Dear Baxter, What The Hell Is A Couples Shower?
Hello Baxter,
Let me start with I'm a huge Vikings fan. Waiting for the season to start just about kills me. Yesterday, my wife informed me I would not be able to watch Monday's game because, get this, we will be attending a "couple's shower" that night...
5 Quick Sunburn Relief Tips and Tricks
The sunny skies, hot temps, and reflection off the lake this weekend left me with a nasty sunburn on my back. If you have the same problem as I do, here are some quick fixes to make the pain go away!

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