# Why I’m Still Single In 4 Words [Top Tweets]
Over the weekend Twitter exploded with tweets with the hashtag #WhyImStillSingleIn4Words. Now as a person that has been single for the last five years (I know right... that's a long time), I understand where a lot of these people are coming from with these tweets, because I have …
Bizarre Things People Have Done Drunk
It’s safe to say that most people have some ridiculous stories of the crazy things they’ve done after having a few too many. But would you be willing to share those tales with total strangers?
The Best Hangover Food Cure I’ve Experience
Over the years, I've heard of many different hangover food cures. Though I have a food combo that works really well... for me at least. I actually have to give credit to my friend Traci for this. She was the person that informed me of this combo and I've been using it when-ever I…
Looks Like We May Have To Change Our Passwords (*Sigh*) Again
Everything now-a-days needs a password, and let's be honesty here people, passwords are a PAIN IN THE NECK!! I mean seriously, you need a password to get to another password to get where you need to go too! And then you have to worry about it being the correct criteria and then remembering the …

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