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New Video Game Releases – June 2013
The new video game releases for June 2013 are shaping up quite nicely. Not only are we getting the Legendary Edition of Skyrim, but we're also seeing the release of two insanely anticipated games.
Grand Theft Auto V Delayed: What We Know So Far
Grand Theft Auto V, initially scheduled to hit shelves in Spring 2013, has been pushed back to September 17, 2013. The news comes from the official Rockstar games website.
Here is what else we know:

Rockstar games knows this release is four months later than originally planned but "it will be…
New Video Game Releases – February 2013
February is shaping up to be one hell of a month for new video game releases. Literally. There are so many fantastic titles coming out this month that your wallet, and you, will be running scared when it sees the list below.
Dead Space 3 is going to cause you, and a co-opted friend, to make a necromo…
The Future of the Xbox is in the Cloud
Despite rumors to the contrary, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business' corporate vice president Phil Harrison believes the future of the Xbox brand will be less focused on devices.
25 Best PlayStation 2 Games
The PlayStation 2 is one of the most celebrated video game consoles ever. Sony only just stopped production of the system in Japan in December 2012, giving the PS2 one of the longest lives the industry has ever seen.

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