For those of you that own homes you know that home renovations are part of the norm - either because the property needs an update or because you just want it.  Or in the case of my most recent D.I.Y. project both.

I've had my house for just about two years now and am finally tackling the yard for update.  Last summer we put fresh mulch in all the flower beds, thinking that it would last more than a year, but it didn't.  Everything is severely faded and looks like ass.  So when I saw a better brand of mulch in a better color on-sale at the Depot, I bought two pallets of .

Last weekend we started in the back yard and are working our way forward.  We put this new shed up last year and never got around to landscaping and figured this was the year to get it done.





I'll be honest, I'm not the best at doing this stuff but, you can save some good money
trying.  I always look at the sales each week at Menards and Home Depot and try to plan for future projects by buying stuff on-sale.  The mulch I bought was half off, so I couldn't resist.

Here is what's on tap for a makeover this weekend.  We've had some last minute party invites come our way, so this may wait another week.