The Eagles aren't going to be very active in 2012, but they will be busy. 

Eagles singer/bassist Timothy B. Schmidt says in an interview with VH1 Classic Rock Nights that the group won't be active in the coming year, but they will be busy with behind the scenes work.

There's talk that the band members are all putting in some time on a new Eagles documentary and an Eagles Broadway musical. Schmidt isn't giving up many details about the projects, but did reveal that he's not really involved with script writing or preshow conceptualizing when it comes to the Broadway musical, but he has been involved in talks surrounding it getting off the ground. The show will tell the story of how the group came to be, their rise to fame and their lives and the band now, but other than that, he's not talking.

There is only one Eagles concert on the horizon. If you want to see the Eagles live in concert, you'll have to fly to Vegas to see it. They're playing the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM November 19. Schmidt will launch a tour of his own November 26.