Last week I reported that the Geoff Tate/Queensryche dispute had been settled and that terms were undisclosed. Now, the group is disclosing some of the terms. 

On the band's website, the original Queensryche members said that they paid Geoff to go away. Of course, it wasn't put just like that, but the band members had to buy Geoff's share of the name.

The remaining band members also will retain the rights to the name as well as the logo, however, Geoff was given the performance rights to their Operation: Mindcrime brand, including all of the songs, the artwork and other images associated with the album.

The judge is allowing Geoff to complete his summer dates billing himself and his group as "Queensryche", but that after September 1, he is no longer allowed to use the name and must either think up a different one, or just use his name and say "formerly of Queensryche" but only until 2016, then he can't use the name anymore ever again period end of story.

The settlement ends two plus years of legal wrangling that followed their breakup in 2012.