I suggest the postal carriers dress up as clowns. Dogs won't bite clowns because they taste funny. Sorry!



Dogs are man's best friend. They are not, however, mailman's best friend.

Yes, it's an old stereotype -- a pooch gnawing on the leg of a postal carrier simply trying to deliver mail to people's homes along his route. As it turns out, though, it happens...and it happens in some cities more than others.

The United States Postal Service released data revealing which cities are the worst for postal carriers getting attacked by dogs. Houston has the unfortunate distinction of claiming that title, with 77 attacks in 2015.

The United States Postal Service released data indicating a total of 6,549 were attacked by dogs last year, which is a drop in the bucket of the 4.5 million people in this country who are bitten by dogs each year.

Here's a look at the 10 cities with the most dog attacks on postal employees last year, along with the number of incidents reported

1. Houston - 77
2. (tie) San Diego - 58
2. (tie) Cleveland - 58
3. (tie) Chicago - 57
3. (tie) Dallas - 57
4. Los Angeles - 56
5. Louisville - 51
6. Kansas City - 46
7. Philadelphia - 44
8. Columbus, Ohio - 43
9. Portland, Ore. - 41
10. (tie) Fort Worth, Tex. - 39
10. (tie) San Antonio - 39