Jerry Sandusky can look forward to more than 400 years worth of Pink Floyd lyrics and it's not because he's stranded on a desert island and has Dark Side of the Moon in his survival kit. Although, being stranded on a desert island would probably be safer.

Pedophile/monster/child molester/rapist Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges against him last week and now that Jerry is behind bars where he freaking belongs, his fellow inmates are taunting him relentlessly at Centre County Correctional Facility.

When Jerry was there in December after being arrested A SECOND TIME for molesting even more children, he was placed in a special area away from the general population because for people who hurt kids, the death penalty is something you pray for, only you pray to die at the hands of a firing squad and not at the hands of your fellow inmates. One inmate at the facility said that they were not allowed to talk to Jerry, but they could see him and this inmate alleged that after lights out, the others taunted Jerry with the lyrics "Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!" which are probably some of the most famous Pink Floyd lyrics of all.

So far, Roger Waters hasn't come out and said anything about Jerry or the fact that he's being taunted with a Pink Floyd song. Jerry Sandusky's sentencing is in September, so he has another few months of the taunting where he currently is before he's shipped off to another prison. Jerry, by the way could get 440 years in prison and I'm sorry, but that's still not enough time. Who molests their own son? Really, Jerry? The one bright spot here is that he can't hurt any more children.

If you don't have Jerry Sandusky in your 2012 Dead Pool, you better make sure you have him down for 2013. I have a feeling he won't last in prison unless he's in solitary confinement and even then he had better be flanked by guards or hope that his cell mate Tickle Monster is a Floyd fan.

I just have one final thought about all of this:

Dear Jerry,

Rot in hell.