Whoever thought bacon could be part of the culprit in the aid of burning down a house?

The Morning Sideshow learned that in Naples,Utah Cameo Crispi has been been charged with arson and how? She attempted to burn down the Ex's house with bacon that was left burning on the stove.

According to the Ex , he called police stating he received "multiple texts and phone calls" from Cameo and had asked her to stop.

When police arrived at the house they saw that Cameo was pretty well impaired and smoke coming out the front door.

When officers entered the house they came across a cookie sheet loaded with bacon on top of the stove that was set on 'HIGH.' The bacon was reported as smoking badly.

Who doesn't love bacon, bet it smelled good, then again what a terrible thing to do with bacon. The officers were probably thinking that Cameo will fry for this move!