Monty Python's John Cleese just got hitched for the fourth time and it seems like he may have a touch of Alzheimer's...or maybe the 72 year old comedian just enjoys giving his money away.

Cleese married 41 year old jewelry designer Jennifer Wade in a private villa on the Caribbean island of Mustique. Cleese said "I knew from the first moment I met her that this could be something very serious." Turns out he was right about that, but the one thing I believe he got wrong was not having his new wife sign a pre-nup.

Cleese's was married to his third wife, Alyce Eichelberger, for 16 years before they divorced in 2008. She was awarded $12.2 million in the settlement and he is still trying to earn the money to pay alimony. So I don't quite understand why someone who is struggling to pay for his previous divorce would remarry without a prenuptial agreement. But I suppose at 72 years old there's no reason to care too much.

Best wishes to the happy couple.