Not sure if Motorhead fans are wine drinkers, but a bottle or two for posterity's sake may look cool on the shelf, but they aren't alone in the rocker wine business. 

Motorhead's new wine is called Motorhead Shiraz. It's a red wine that's described as having a "fruity aroma with vanilla, blackberry, plum and licorice flavors." I've never seen "Lemmy Kilmister" and "fruity" in the same sentence, but, whatever. Lemmy does caution drinkers of the wine, saying that "Wine is deceptive. Anything can happen." Kind of makes me want to grab a bottle or two. It's selling now online out of the U.K. and it's not cheap. It's $135 per 6 bottle case.

Ratt and Warrant are also getting into the wine business. Ratt has a chardonnay called Body Talk and a cabernet called Slip of the Lip. Warrant's wine, simply called Red sold out and even won some taste tests. They're rolling out a new batch in time for Christmas. Both wines will sell for $20 to $25 a bottle.