Apparently, rock stars like these are so rare, the homes they grew up in have now been legally protected from demolition. 

According to the BBC, the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been granted Grade II status, which British Tourism and Heritage Minister John Penrose says prevents them from, "being bashed around or altered in future." Minister Penrose says that the homes on Menlove Avenue, where Lennon lived and the house on Forthlin Road where McCartney spent his years from age 15 to his 20's are, "tremendously important."

According to reports, John and Paul held rehearsals for their first band The Quarrymen in those houses and also wrote their number one song Please Please Me as well as hundreds of others.

Liverpool is getting ready to celebrate 50 years of The Beatles. The Fab Four played their first gig with Ringo Starr on August 19, 1962 at The Cavern Club.