Man cannot live by bread alone, but he apparently can survive by eating pizza.

Dan Janssen, The King of Pizza has been eating nothing but for the last 25 years.

Dan is not healthy as a horse by any means. He is a very bad diabetic and gets low blood sugar all the time, but after he was first diagnosed, his doctor sent him to a nutritionist who gave him a list of things he could and could not eat. Dan threw it in the garbage because he doesn’t eat meat and hates vegetables, so every single day, he eats an entire 14 inch cheese pizza. Day in. Day out. Every single day for the last quarter century.

Dan says that even though he has eaten nothing but pizza every day, he does not get sick of it. He said he can go from place to place and each pizza is “a completely different meal.”

So, what sparked this? Turns out his daycare provider tried to feed him Brunswick Stew every day when he was five. According to the article I read on Dan, Brunswick Stew is something you should never try to feed a five year old (Brunswick Stew is meat, potatoes, carrots, corn, lima beans and okra) and he hated it so bad, he would try and run away from daycare in protest. There was also a mushroom incident when Dan was little that ended with him vomiting uncontrollably, so I really can’t say I blame him for not wanting to eat real food.

If he wants pizza, he should come to St. Cloud. I've lost track of the number of AWESOME pizza places around here. I mean, HELLO!! Sammy's, Waldo's, Zaffiro's, Jet's, DiMaggio's and House of Pizza just to name a few of my local faves.

Dan is in therapy, however he says he sees his shrink not to rid himself of his love for pizza, but rather for the good pizza place that’s near the shrink’s office.

Seems legit.