Every now and then we come across a story that gives us the 'willies' to even read. BTW: What the hell are the 'willies' and where did that expression come from? Anyway, this dude lost part of his unit and no one knows exactly how it happened. WTF? Almost died too.

According to the USA Today, A 41-year-old Columbus, Ohio, man is recovering after police say he ripped off part of his penis on a drug-fueled high in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

County Sheriff's deputies found the man naked and screaming after responding to a burglar alarm at Ypsilanti Middle School.

The man was kneeling outside the school, bloody from the waist down, with parts of his genitals ripped off. He said parts of the man's body were transferred to the hospital with him. (OMG!)

Officers subdued the man for his own safety and called for an ambulance.

The man later told investigators he picked up hallucinogenic mushrooms earlier in the day while he was in town visiting friends in a neighborhood near the school. The man does not have a history of mental problems or extensive drug use. (He will now!)

"We've sent his blood off for further analysis to see if there was anything else, if the mushrooms could have been laced with something," Washtenaw County Sheriff's Sgt. Geoff Fox said, adding that toxicology results are pending.

The man remains hospitalized, still recovering from his injuries, Fox said. He declined to discuss details of his treatment.