Iron Maiden was the first Metal concert I had ever been to.  For some reason Ratt opened and I was there to see them.   I didn't know a lot about Maiden but I soon found out.  That was and still is the most intense concert I've even been to.  Steve Harris's bass nearly broke my sternum, it was absolutely amazing.

There live shows is just one of the reason's Iron Maiden has remained the most relevant Metal band over the past 30 years.  They still sell out shows and get some of the biggest crowds in the world.  Bruce Dickinson is simply not human, how he has maintained his energy and voice over the years is amazing.  They have continued to record new material on a fairly consistent basis and even have the respect of the younger generation of kids.

Here's a video from "Number Of The Beast" that was the first to feature Dickinson on vocals.  Paul Di'Anno was their first vocalist, and even though he was an important part of the bands history, Dickinson help take them to a new level.

Here's a video from Iron Maiden's latest effort, "The Final Frontier".

To say Iron Maiden was influential is an understatement.  There's literally hundreds of bands around the world that have taken their cue from the band.  One of the most obvious is Germany's "Edguy" who even got their name from Maiden's mascot "Eddie".  These Germans infuse a sense of humor into their music and videos and have gained a massive following world-wide themselves.

Edguy - "Robin Hood"