As they celebrate their 30th anniversary this week, Metallica are offering up what can be considered a sonic Christmas gift for fans.

A studio version of the previously unheard song ‘Hate Train’ from the Death Magnetic sessions has popped up online, at the same time the band played it at the first of their recent 30th anniversary shows.

'Tallica performed last Monday night (Dcemeber 5th) at The Filmore in San Francisco and were joined onstage by ex-bassist Jason Newstad and many other special guests.

"Hate Train" was the seventh song in. It's seven minutes in length and it cycles through several tempo shifts (which isn’t big news to any of you die-hards'). It also boasts a minute-long instrumental opening with lots of riffing and militaristic drumming. It’s more rock than thrash and it has a similar melodic pattern to ‘Fuel,’ for the most part. There’s a melodic mid-section, and overall, it’s what you’d expect from ‘Tallica in 2008, which is when ‘Death Magnetic’ was done.

 A rough studio version of the song  has been emailed to members of Metallica's fan club. Give a listen below!