Law Enforcement officials always appreciate a witness to the scene of the crime but what if the witness is a parrot?

A parrot helps Law Enforcements officials solve a murder case, hmm interesting.

Last week a woman and her dog were found dead by her husband in their home when he got home. After the crime took place, anytime the nephew would swing by or the nephews named was mentioned the husband and police noticed the parrot would go ballistic.

Everyone's suspect in the case, when the police interrogated the nephew, he managed to confess to the crime. The nephew didn't work alone, he did have an accomplice, in which both went the house to steal cash and valuables.

The nephew stabbed his aunt as to not be recognized and stabbed her dog because it wouldn't stop barking. The parrot kept silent during the incident so the nephew missed out killing the bird.

Yes you could say the parrot was a stool pigeon.