When the Beatles catalog went up on iTunes, I thought, "This will never last. The vinyl generation would never let this happen." I guess I was wrong because a new Beatles vinyl compilation is headed for iTunes.

The new 14 song compilation called Tomorrow Never Knows follows the Fab Four's entire career. It highlights some of the harder music they did like Back in the U.S.S.R. and Revolution, but there are more than just the radio songs available. There will be deeper tracks and more familiar songs.

Drummer Dave Grohl formerly of Nirvana and now of Foo Fighters fame is also going to be a part of the compilation as he was asked to be included in the album's foot notes. He writes a touching piece about how the Beatles shaped him into the person that he is today and how much their music still means to them. He also says that they knew "no boundaries" and made rock and roll part of what it is today.

Tomorrow Never Knows is now available for download.