It’s the day Jimi Hendrix fans have been waiting a long time for: A new Jimi Hendrix album and today it happens with his not so slight return, People, Hell and Angels.

Jimi Hendrix’s new album People, Hell and Angels comes out today and it was intended to be the guitar heavy, highly anticipated follow up to Electric Ladyland.

The songs were recorded in 1968 and 1969, but never saw the light of day after Jimi died in 1970. His sound guy, Eddie Kramer has been slowly leaking tracks as they were finished and the first song on the album, Somewhere, that features Stephen Stills on bass is classic Jimi. If I played the song and didn’t tell you who it was, there would be no doubt. There’s also a song that’s very Purple Haze like called Inside Out that’s an instrumental and it’s wonderful! Jimi also dabbles in funk on this record with Let Me Love You.

Jimi’s biographer, Charles Cross told CNN that Jimi is a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist and calls Jimi a legend. He said that albums Jimi released during his life were “revolutionary” and “still very innovative”