Martha Quinn and her cohorts are collaborating on a new book about what it was like to launch the world’s biggest music  channel. 

Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman are all working on the book together and recalling what it was like to be, “on the forefront of a cultural revolution: The birth of MTV, Music Television.” Nina tells Hollywood Reporter that they’re all looking forward to sharing their “unique perspective” and talk about how MTV has evolved since 1981 and how the programming and music has changed everything. Most notably that, “M really did stand for music at one time.”

Atria Books is the main backer on the project and says the book is going to be completely “uncensored” and cover such subjects as a contest involving John Mellencamp didn’t quite pan out, details on a crazy party with rockers Van Halen and of course, the hair.

No title or release date has been given for the book. The original fifth VJ, J.J. Jackson died of a heart attack in 2004.