Like a lot of ladies do when out, pop into the restroom to freshen up a tad, we learned on The Morning Sideshow of a gal who went to the restroom and you won't believe what happened next.

At a disco in Wurzburg, Germany a woman had borrowed her friends handbag to go lively up a bit, she wasn't paying attention while digging around in the bag. She thought she was pulling out deodorant but instead it turned out to be pepper spray.

Without looking at the can she began to spray the stuff, well it went viral throughout the club and a couple of women found themselves with some pretty painful eyes. Medical treatment was in order.

The club had to be cleared as the spray lingers, once cleared people could return.

Oddly enough the gal could face charges for what the authorities are saying was negligent bodily harm.

Thinking if hadn't used the pepper spray she would have still cleared out the club, how ironic is that?