It's one night I will never forget as I take you back to June 14th,1975 and I was in The Winterland Ballroon in San Fransisco awaiting for a soon to be rock superstar.!

As you entered Winterland you had to step in a box of sand and the security frisked you for primarily weapons of any kind. I get inside and the place was packed and tonight 'Frampton Comes Alive". I don't know of a single rock fan that doesn't own that album (It was recorded in four different venues before released.

It is really unusual for an artist to belt out anywhere from two to four albums before getting any commercial success at the same time it's as equally unusual for an artist to get that big breakthrough that comes with a 'live' album.

Peter had already released four studio albums by 1976, out of those his self-titled album, 'Frampton' only made it to #32 on the charts. The rest never got close to finding their way into the Top 100.

In 1975 Peter Frampton came alive and a double live album was released in 1976 that exploded. What was once conventional was know upside down as the album "Frampton Comes Alive" not only jit #1 on the charts but stayed there for ten weeks. Peter Frampton was the hottest thing going, stardom,ticket sales you name it.

As far as the Billboard 200 charts, they saw that album for about 97 weeks (close to two years) and for some time after it was the best selling 'live' album ever.

Peter Frampton took that masterpiece on the road in 2011-2012 and re-lived the album that changed his life in its entirety to audiences everywhere and the energy of the fans was if it was back in those historic nights in 1975.

' FCA ! 35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton" which is a two-disc set and filmed in New York's Beacon Theatre and at Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre (see attached video) is available on DVD,CD,MP3 and Blu-Ray.

That illustrious night back in 1975 when Peter yelled out the words, "Hello San Fransisco" it sent chills down my spine and still get goose bumps thinking about it today.

Please enjoy this Grammy Award Winning guitarist and legend in the video below.

Long Live the new King of Rock -N-Roll, Peter Frampton!