It's the kind of thing every photographer wants to do, cover a rare occurrence like a ship launch. Big event, cool angles and an ominous big splash. But, if you get too close, you just might pay for the experience in the harshest of ways.

That's what happened videographer Jason Bundhoff. The ship in the video is the Reuben Lasker, a fisheries survey vessel is owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It was launched in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Apparently during the side launch, something went wrong with the wooden rafters that balance the ship. and she careened faster and more off-kilter than expected, hitting the water with an enormous force and propelling a wave of water and wooden debris out her stern... right into Jason's personal space. Believe it or not, he was fine.

Here's Jason's view

Here's the view from the bow, which shows nothing out of the ordinary.