A new year with new predictions on everything from grocery bills, gas to mortgage rates.

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting that your grocery bill will hike 3 to 4 percent because of the rate increase on feed.
  • Overdraft fees may be higher because banks will investigate ways to raise revenue without causing customer backlash, also you might find fees for using out-of-network ATM's.
  • Copper prices might be on the rise which will most definitely create a spreading effect since used for many things, such as; wire, water pipes, pots, brewing beer etc...
  • Smartphones, automobiles, luxury goodies will be more costly.

Now without the bad we can't have the good so there is always a bright-side to everything.

  • Mortgage rates are predicted to remain low for the new year (2013) so that's great news if you plan on buying a home.
  • Gas prices are predicted to show slow decline and we should expect the average to be roughly $3.43 per gallon versus in 2012 the average was $3.63. (Today)
  • Those debt collector's have new regulations that went into effect January 2nd and regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so expect less harassment, illegal tactics to get you to pay and even deception. Two thumbs up there.