Sir Paul McCartney received honors from the Kennedy Center over the weekend!

Alec Baldwin introduced the tribute for Paul and included nods to Beatles lyrics, like mentioning his "Long and Winding Road" to a solo career that included, "being forced to sing in stadiums and requiring police protection." He also said, "The National Institutes of Health called the epidemic Beatlemania. There was no cure."

Steven Tyler even got in on the fun by singing the last four songs on the "Abbey Road" album, and if I'm not mistaken, it's the first time that has ever been done because the Beatles never performed it live after the record was released. Steven has been out in Los Angeles working on American Idol, but told the Associated Press that he was happy to hop a plane and fly cross-country to be a part of the ceremony.

McCartney remarked that it was "just great" to get the honor.

The honors are given out for "exemplary lifetime achievement in performing arts".  You can see a scaled-down version of the award ceremony December 28th on CBS.