The hits kept rolling in like the waves on an ocean shore with a worldwide number one on the charts and progressing into the sound of pop-jazz it didn't matter, The Young Rascals became a household name.In 1968 they had a worldwide number one hit titled, "People Got To Be Free", and as they entered into pop-jazz territory they welcomed another hit titled, "How Can I Be Sure".

The Later Years:

Like a lot of bands from that time frame as the years went by they found themselves with internal power struggles and trying to keep up with the music trends of the early 70's, well needless to say: it was no easy task and the band said their good-byes.

A reunion in 1988 led to nothing but heartache as things led to a very ugly legal dispute over the rights to the name, well as a result there are now two different groups of The Rascals both with original members that tour to this day.

Other Facts:

Not an official member of the band Eddie Brigati's brother David arranged and sang background vocals on The Rascal's records. David has also provided background vocals for bands like King's Harvest and The Average White Band.

Other members that passed through were Howard "Buzz" Feiten (guitar), Chuck Rainey (bass), Robert Popwell (bass) and Annie Sutton (vocals).

The group refused to play on bills not fully integrated (unusual for that time).

Felix Cavaliere had worked on Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 Presidential campaign.

One last fact: Even thought the band was given the label "blue-eyed soul" none of the original members had blue eyes.

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Attached is their performance in video from 1967 with,"How Can I Be Sure."