One of the main things I’ve learned from social networking sites, other than what my old friend from 1st grade who I haven’t talked to in 20 years had for dinner last night, is that a majority of people cannot spell. Of course, I was the nerd in high school who would circle and correct the errors on the letters from my friends. However, it can’t be just me who notices how badly people spell these days. It’s not just typos either. It’s straight-up “morons behind a keyboard.”

Or how about the people who make up their own words and think they are setting some sort of trend? Unless you’re Snoop Dog, this doesn’t really work. Last weekend, I actually had someone text the phrase, “Whadda you think?” Really?? What the hell is that? Or the people who use “dunno.” Is it that hard to say “don’t know?”
Why don’t you just stand on the street corner, waving, with a sign that says, “I’m a dumbass!”

I mean Really!

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