The reviews of Roger Daltrey's latest performances of Tommy have been stellar.

He's touring with his own backing band but says it's not over for the band who originally wrote and performed the rock opera.

He recently spoke about some of the hurdles he and Pete Townsend face when going on the road  as The Who.

"We certainly haven't gone away. We played a charity gig at the beginning of the year, but Pete has got -- and this is not a joke, and it's not just something to get out of a situation -- he's got serious problems with his ears. He's now down to hearing two hearing aids. There are technical problems that we have to get 'round to be able to play live -- in a long show. My ears will probably go before my voice."

Daltrey's Tommy gig was originally scheduled to hit the Target Center in Minneapolis on October 5th but due to the playoffs schedule of the Minnesota Lynx (nice work ladies!) it has been moved up to October 4th.

Check out this fan vid of Daltrey doing Who Are You in New York City a few days ago: he does sound in fine voice!