With a possible Rolling Stones world tour in the works for next year, one thing fans may be wondering is how much plasma they'd have to sell in order to afford just one ticket to the show, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find out what tickets could cost.

When you think about the fact that the Rolling Stones are going to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 million dollars for FOUR shows later on this year, you can imagine what tickets are going to cost, but Keith Richards says nay.

Keith tells BB6 Music that he doesn't know how much tickets will exactly cost and that "numbers can get greatly exaggerated" and that he's "a bit out of touch with the mechanics of showbiz and stuff" but that he doesn't want tickets to cost "over the bloody top". Not sure what "over the bloody top" means to Keith, but tickets for their show in New Jersey range from $114 to over $800. Now, I've been to concerts and the line between $114 and $800 is about three rows. I'm not jumping on these guys for being so successful and having more money than God, but $800? Seriously? That's "over the bloody top" if you ask me.

Though the Rolling Stones themselves haven't officially announced anything, there is some good news if you were hoping to see them live. Rolling Stones fans who can't afford a ticket to the show will be glad to know they can see the group live in concert from the privacy and comfort of their own home.

The Rolling Stones' December 15th date at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey will be broadcast on Pay Per View. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the band has signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment to air a PPV special called One More Shot.

Another hint that there may be something in the pipeline is that the Stones' promoter and another production company have hammered out a deal for a 50th anniversary tour that gives exclusive digital rights for the tour to the production company. They are also apparently "collaborating on plans that will allow fans unprecedented interaction with the 50 and Counting tour experience."

One More Shot will air live at 8pm Central time on December 15 on Pay Per View. Check your local carrier listings for the exact channel and ordering information.