In the wake of the flap over contraception, Rush gets hit with a cease and desist letter. 

According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, Rush the band has fired off an angry cease and desist letter to corpulent sack of fat conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh telling him to stop using their music on his show.

The group was furious when they learned that the controversial talk show host was using their song, Spirit of Radio as music on his program. It wasn't just used as the music coming back from a commercial break. He played the song while flapping his pie hole about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke and calling her a "slut". The band apparently became even more enraged when they learned that this is not the first time he has done this. The letter they sent said, "public performance of Rush's music is not licensed for political purposes" and that use, "constitutes copyright infringement."

Peter Gabriel has also asked Rush Limbaugh to stop using his music. He made the request after he learned that Limbaugh was using his song Sledgehammer during his tirade.

In happier Rush the band news, they are being honored in Canada for their work. Following snub after snub after snub from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in America, the group is being recognized with the Canada's Governor General's Performing Arts Award. The award comes with a cash prize and commemorative medallion.