Central MN vs. Permit To Carry
A few weeks ago, I took the Minnesota Permit to Carry course. So I asked you if you'd ever consider carrying a loaded firearm yourself - and after almost 200 votes, the results are in.
Sell Our Browser History, WTF?
In case you haven't heard, the other day, Congress decided it was a good idea to let the internet companies sell our personal browser history.  Well, a guy named Adam McElhaney, is fighting back.  According to deadstate.com, Adam started a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy the …
What It’s Like To Get Your MN Permit To Carry
Over this past weekend, my dad took my sister and I to Gander Mountain's Firearm Academy to take the Minnesota Permit to Carry class. Ever thought about carrying a concealed weapon? You might want to think twice.
Schools Should Have Guns in Case of a Grizzly Attack, Right?
Trumps potential cabinet appointees are getting more ridiculous every day.  Evidently, Trump believes being wealthy qualifies a person for anything.  Anyway, this clip from Jimmy Kimmel last night made me laugh.  How does the saying go, gotta laugh just to keep from crying...
Are You Going to Watch the Inauguration this Friday?
There are a great many people who are not happy about Trump being sworn into the most powerful position in the World.  Many democratic politicians are boycotting the inauguration and many protests are planned.  I will be watching, just to see if the Bible smokes when Trump puts his ha…
Which Celebrity Should Leave The US of A? [VOTE!]
After the election, lots of people are wondering which celebrities will keep good on their promise to leave the United States if Donald J. Trump got elected. So, who do you think should be the first to leave? Check out the list of who were quoted on their decision, and vote for your #1 celebrity to …

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