When you think about, wouldn't be a great move for any artist, any band, of any genre?

Here's a veteran who has who has been a frontman from Montrose to Chickenfoot, who has had enormous solo success (both as an artist and a businessman, let it be said).

Sammy Hagar told Attention Deficit Delirium that he would love the chance to manage a reunited original lineup of Guns N' Roses if the band ever got back together. Hagar explained, "The amount of money they could make if they got it all back together, made a great record and toured the world would probably be as much as the Rolling Stones (get), and for them not to do it, it obviously ain't about the money. Because they could do it. I would manage them. I'd be their manager and make sure they got the right deal from all the promoters. They could be the biggest band in the world if they wanted to."

Hagar added, "They've proved it again and again and again that it ain't (about) the money. They just don't get along because Axl (Rose, vocals) goes out for a lot less money with his version of Guns N' Roses, and Slash goes out for a lot less money with Velvet Revolver or by himself."

The original Guns N' Roses is nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, with inductees to be announced in December. If the band is inducted, it's not clear who will show up to accept and/or perform.

Given Axl's history, Sammy may be sipping too much of his own tequila. You'd think he'd have learned with Edward Wolfgang: if you ain't an absolute underling, get out of my face.

Still a nice thought.

Guns - it's current line up -  is scheduled to hit Target Center on November 13th.